Monday, August 26, 2013


Dear All..

I have a tumblr!

Not sure if I'll continue posting up on this blog, but will definitely be updating my tumblr on a daily basis.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My week in pictures #22

 photo instaphoto-1375645075168_zpsb4400bc4.jpg 

| Model Pooch |

 photo instaphoto-1375756500592_zps292b81ae.jpg

| View from the apt |

 photo instaphoto-1375579058045_zps0ff5e341.jpg 

| O.K |

 photo instaphoto-1375756596629_zpsedf5216a.jpg

| Fort Greene |

 photo instaphoto-1375756828966_zpsac1f5554.jpg

| view of the freedom tower from BK |

 photo instaphoto-1375759225951_zps9fcaf07f.jpg

| Another pretty BK sunset photo..just can't get enough of it |


Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kaela Phillips

 photo il_570xN485933118_2tgs_zpsddf8f8b3.jpg

My very good and very talented friend Kaela Phillips has launched an Etsy site selling her amazing illustrations.

The one above is my favourite!

Click HERE to check them out.


Kinda Cool

 photo 20130729-201440_zps626b0ff3.jpg

There's just something about this photograph and outfit that I am in love with.

The setting, being caught in motion, the all black, yet casual, simple and sophisticated look.

So easy and effortless, yet she looks so damn cool.

Monday, July 29, 2013


 photo Snapshot2013-07-2921-09-48_zps8da2d35a.jpg  photo Snapshot2013-07-2921-10-04_zpsfa0b64cd.jpg  photo tumblr_mqldbtZzwt1qlz0x8o1_500_zps24872797.jpg  photo tumblr_mpz83xia9s1qfw84lo1_500_zps9d72c1e3.jpg  photo tumblr_mpnxy7zb6F1s5we98o1_500_zpsaa074ff4.jpg

| pics from frenchvoguettes |

My week in pictures #21

 photo instaphoto-1375103105879_zps11e2370e.jpg 

| street chalk art |

 photo instaphoto-1375103174646_zps8edadd2f.jpg
| my street corner |

 photo instaphoto-1374961210692_zps4dd3dfea.jpg

| another weekend spent surfing |

 photo instaphoto-1374759844915_zpsdb9e2014.jpg 
| bluestone lane coffee shop |

 photo bluestonelane_zps07aa6343.jpg 

| the team |

 photo bsl3_zps0603fd81.jpg 

 photo instaphoto-1374763524803_zps509cc662.jpg

My friends coffee shop Bluestone Lane opened last week.

The shop's located in Midtown at 805 3rd Ave Atrium.

Very proud of what these guys have done! The coffee shop looks great, the coffee tastes great AND they sell vegemite on toast!  Can't beat that!

The team above is also decked out in the aprons that I've designed.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Surf's Up

 photo tumblr_mq8guyyhN81sorrqfo1_500_zps73a6b543.jpg  photo tumblr_mpq8mm9WJM1qzleu4o1_5001_zpsa2be2fd2.jpg  photo 20130722-222457_zps4732d553.jpg  photo tumblr_mm1b166s4U1s30zf9o1_500_zpsbc9ec789.jpg  photo tumblr_mju1f7kv7V1qcwgu2o1_500_zpsac5e6244.jpg
 photo Snapshot2013-07-2222-12-35_zps49460c6a.jpg

I went to Long Beach for the first time to surf last weekend.
Apparently that's one of the nicer beaches on the East Coast.  Apparently..

I may or may not be beach spoilt growing up in Aus.

Ok so it wasn't THAT bad..the sand was nice?

Anyway..Sun. Sand. I LOVE SUMMER


| pics from theyallhateus. frenchvoguettes |

The Row x Linda Farrow

 photo instaphoto-1374337723770_zps53984210.jpg  photo instaphoto-1374337685007_zps61a91014.jpg

Just received my first pair of The Row x Linda Farrow sunglasses from Fall' 13.

Check out the packaging!!!

I was definitely not expecting that.  I think I'm more excited about the packaging becoming my new jewellery box, than the sunglasses itself!

It's always the little things.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

My week in pictures #20

 photo Brooklyn-20130704-01709_zpseaca02dc.jpg

| another brooklyn sunset |

 photo Brooklyn-20130704-01708_zps00a2011c.jpg

 photo instaphoto-1374337585651_zpse0ba2931.jpg


 photo instaphoto-1373039170352_zps3929f3b3.jpg

| Mr Softies |

 photo 1010697_10151442795697294_940467822_n_zpscd42401b.jpg

| rockaway beach |

 photo 998021_10151442795722294_251173162_n_zps901c22a4.jpg

| feel the love |

 photo ffdfec02ef4e11e28bc322000a9d0dcb_7_zps341a2df5.jpg

| not my birthday just yet |

 photo Photo501-pola_zps7dea5628.jpg

| pooch |

Saturday, July 20, 2013