Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Givenchy x Rihanna

 photo rihanna-givenchy-tour-costumes-2-w724_zps9ed4e69a.jpg photo tumblr_mjx9lrGcSo1r1q4wbo1_1280_zpseffa0ae5.jpg

'Riccardo Tisci has created bespoke Givenchy Couture outfits for Rihanna's Diamonds world tour' - Vogue UK

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013


 photo Snapshot2013-03-1921-22-45_zpsb0329228.jpg  photo tumblr_mhz4ocilXT1rooh1yo1_500_zpse41797ff.png  photo tumblr_mf1361QqD41rhwa90o1_500_zpsa014bf6e.jpg  photo tumblr_md6nu3xKnW1qazha9o1_5001_zps8fa81f08.jpg  photo tumblr_mcxlz0SrmS1ql5diio1_500_zpsa8b44748.png  photo tumblr_lmdufjCPNL1qajnsxo1_500_zps348ffcd0.jpg  photo 20130206-144734_zps342951ba.jpg

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Friday, March 22, 2013

NYC Snow

 photo instaphoto-1360071606945_zps63d6e034.jpg  photo instaphoto-1360449379042_zpse89e096c.jpg  photo instaphoto-1360449434997_zpsf1eb6178.jpg  photo instaphoto-1360449480292_zps669513a5.jpg

Just a couple pictures I took pre and post the snow storm/blizzard 'nemo'


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Melbourne Visit

 photo 420128_10151537472751233_1090577242_n-pola_zpsc18caeae.jpg  photo 420204_10151440567736738_432419456_n-pola_zpsdfd1d3f1.jpg  photo 480144_10151443016626738_833997466_n-pola_zps620a1c7c.jpg  photo 557869_10151443014806738_240596242_n-pola_zps3e962585.jpg  photo 559834_10151276881906975_235016338_n-pola01_zps98e8323e.jpg  photo 374502_545680062120996_47410655_n-pola_zps56f2045e.jpg  photo 269283_10151537469216233_1175211615_n-pola_zps2c9f15ec.jpg  photo 69255_10151537470386233_1086736353_n-pola_zpsbe7be28a.jpg  photo 62477_10151443015891738_1103371864_n-pola_zps1afd40b2.jpg  photo 181084_10152120515960639_664416040_n-pola_zpsc2cab433.jpg

So I've been extremely slack in updating my blog as of late.  Was so busy at work even after the show, then went back home for 10 days to visit.

Really not worth the trip to the other side of the world for such a short amount of time, but so worth it for me to see my amazing family and close friends after 8 months of being over here.

Had the most amazing time back home.   Caught the end of the summer heat wave, relaxed, got a tan, went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine.