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Brooklyn we go hard

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|  My Brooklyn Apartment |

So at the start of the month I moved (yet again!) to another apartment.  But finally found a permanent place!  I'm living with a friend from work and his room mate.  They have a beautiful big apartment with a huge kitchen and living area, and high ceilings.  (A space that is just not possible in Manhattan unless I paid a ridiculous amount a month)  

It's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, only two stops in from Manhattan on the L train and it takes me about 20 mins to get to work which isn't that bad at all.

I'm secretly falling in love with Brooklyn.  The last time I was living here I was purely a Manhattan girl.  But for the price, the space and the area, I feel like I'm getting the BEST deal. 
Brooklyn's more spaced out and less crazy, and all the great bars, cafe's are walking distance.  It kind of feels like a cool town.

The down side..mostly filled with hipsters..just sayin :)

Still missing everyone at home!!

My week in pictures #3

| Breakfast: Avocado on Toast |

| Night out at The Standard - Le Bain, Meatpacking |

| New purchase: Floral Zara Pants |

| A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T.U.R.E |

| My street |

| Pretty Brooklyn Sunset |

| Kids street party |

| Vintage lamp shopping |

| Exploring Brooklyn |

| Brooklyn Brewery |

|  Exploring Brooklyn |

|  Exploring Brooklyn |

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| shirt Alexander Wang.  leggings The Row. necklace Misuzi |

Funny story:

So the day I wore this outfit, two others in the production team wore the same thing.
Black pants and  variations of a peony coloured shirt.
AND that day the three of us had a production meeting with the creative director.